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Divya Khosla Kumar Reveals Pearl V Puri Was On The Verge Of Signing A Big Film

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A report by Bollywood Hungama has quoted Divya Khosla Kumar saying distressfully, “It’s a very serious charge, and it will have far-reaching repercussions on Pearl’s career. He was just starting out in life. Television had given him stardom. And I can tell you, he was on the verge of signing a very big film. Now everything is lost.”

The actress also revealed to them that Pearl’s mother is helpless and she keeps crying talking about the molestation charges. In October last year, Pearl’s father, Vipin passed away due to a heart attack. Talking about his family, Divya continued, “His mother who is not well at all calls me and just cries and cries asking for my help. I feel helpless and angry. I know Pearl well. We’ve worked together. He is a good human being, sincere and hardworking. He doesn’t deserve this. On what grounds have they booked him for such serious charges? This is the frightening side of the #MeToo movement whereby a man’s career and reputation are destroyed, families are ruined.”

Many celebs including Ekta Kapoor, Karishma Tanna have come out in support of Pearl V Puri. The victim’s mother has also accused her estranged husband and stated according to her Pearl is innocent. She said this when she was talking to Ekta Kapoor on a phone call, the audio went viral on the internet lately. Reportedly, Pearl has got the bail recently.

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