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Facebook To Launch First Smartwatch With Dual Camera In 2022

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The two detachable cameras can be separated easily to capture pictures and videos. One camera will be on the top and the other one on the rear. The front camera will be used mainly for video calling whereas a 1080p, auto-focus camera can be used for capturing video footages. The videos can be shared across Facebook’s suite of apps, including Instagram.

As reported by sources to Verge, Facebook is tapping other companies to create accessories for attaching the camera hub to things like backpacks.

Reportedly, The Facebook smartwatch will not require a connection with a smartphone to function. The social media giant is collaborating with a top US carrier to support LTE connectivity. The first-generation watch will be launched by 2022. It will soon be followed by the second and third generations smartwatch.

As reported by Verge the smartwatch could be priced around $400 (Rs 29,000 roughly). But there has been no confirmation of the same as yet.

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